Financial Information

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Real estate business

Our real estate enterprise measures up to client's expectations including real estate brokerage, constructions & development, asset management, lease management.

Brokerage & construction division provides consulting, design and build various buildings including apartment & condominium, nursing care house and order house.

Lease management division: Apple, Housing Kosan and Amix provide sub-lease, property management and leasing services with highly customer satisfaction and good relations. Apple Co., Ltd. is No.1 franchisee of Apaman Shop. Housing Kosan has transactions with over 1000 Property owners. Amix, the sub-lease ancestor has over 50 year history.

Sanko Soflan provides private pension consulting service Lease management division provides relief by sub-lease asset including apartment, condominium, nursing care house, garage house, coin parking and so on.

Nursing care and medical business

Nursing care division provide care services including home care, day service, nursing home (”Emsemble” series) and group home (“Ai no ie” series, for dementia special care services) in broad Japan. We also provide care equipment, elderly meal service and cleaning service around the nursing care business.

Our nursing care business is developing into broad Asia based on dementia care original techniques and knowhow. Keep going to provide highly satisfied nursing care business with smile.

Medical business has been started from expand our nursing care business.

Medical Hotline consults 4 house call clinics in Tokyo metropolitan area which operate 24 hours every day operations. We develop new clinics which operate anti-aging and preventive medicine for total medical network.

Other business

We also operate café business and preschool business. Café business manage official concept café of “Polar bear cafe” which is written by famous Manga creator Higaaloha.

Omiya Nisshin Sakuranbo preschool was established in 2015. Our preschool concentrates not only intellectual training but also dietary education. We work together with regional society such as holding event for intergeneration communication at “Ensemble Omiya Nisshin” which is operated by Medical Care Service.

We also operate nursing care business in China, Philippine and Malaysia, service apartment business in Indonesia, Leasing and hotel business in Myanmar.